Come and join us in our favourite lawn games on the lawn in front of Houghton Hall for some rather jolly fun japes.  For 2012′s ball we had stacks of giant games to get your competitive juices flowing: fancy taking on your beloved at some Giant Jenga? Knocking down some skittles with a cocktail in hand? Or a nice cup of tea and a civilised game of dominoes?  Then pop over to the lawn for some marvellous sporting fun.  If you’re more of a team player, how about teaming up with some chums (old and new) for a spiffing game of cricket or rounders?  Don’t worry if you’ve never played before – a crack team of glamorous coaches will be on hand at all times to explain the rules and etiquette of this most civilised of lawn sports.

2012 also saw the birth of our first annual Wyndstock Sports Day. For 2013 expect a hobby horse gymkhana, an ironic fox hunt, egg and spoon races and prizes galore: get practising your sack race skills.

Our charming friends from Croquet East will be along to teach you how to play this most charming of games.  An 1868 edition of Harper’s Bazaar defined croquet as an ‘elegant, highly formalized ritual, occurring in a deceptively wholesome garden setting, amidst a display of finery and manners. Fashion sets the tone for gentle titillation…an exquisite game, at which the stakes are soft glances and wreathing smiles, and where hearts are lost and won’.  How smashing!