Wyndstock I – June 2011
Wyndstock II – August 2011
Wyndstock III – June 2012
Wyndstock IV – June 2013

Wyndstock was formed as a collaboration between stock (Mark Holdstock of B&H Group, legendary purveyors of the world’s finest Cocktails and parties such as Prohibition and Blitz) and Wynd (Viktor Wynd: artist, impresario, writer, collector and dealer; perhaps best known as The Chancellor of ‘Pataphysical organization The Last Tuesday Society, infamous throwers of literary salons, séances and magnificent Masquerade Balls.

Together they love parties and they love the countryside and some of the most enjoyable days and nights they’ve ever spent have been in the country at beautiful houses with food, eating, drinking and dancing. But they both loathe festivals.

They hate what many love: the endless crowds of people; the mud; the overpriced, revolting food; thousands of different headline acts; the uniformity of age and ugliness; the endless queues to get into a vast iron cage; the feeling of having money endlessly extracted; and the anonymity of being one in an hundred thousand.

Which is why they formed Wyndstock. Deliberately a Country House Party, not a festival, an anti-festival in fact, taking as its inspiration a family wedding (without the boring and embarrassing bits) or thirtieth birthday party.

The food is included and from the estate; the numbers are low; everything is open to wander about and you may not know the person you sit next to at dinner, play croquet or badminton with, sit with by the fire, watch fireworks or dance until dawn with at the beginning of the party, but they hope by the end of it you do. And they make sure that the dress code of “Simply Your Finest Attire” is strictly enforced.

Wyndstock will continue to take place every summer until its founders die or despair.