The House

Houghton Hall is the finest Palladian Palace in the country, built by Sir Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister and today the private home of The Lord Great Chamberlain, The Marquess of Cholmondeley.

The Estate

Houghton Hall Estate is one the most beautiful places we’ve been to anywhere in the world, encompassing many square miles of land.  At its center is the vast deer park, laid out in the eighteenth century and filled with ancient sweet chestnut and oak trees and a fairy tale herd of over 300 snow white deer, together with rare species from around the world.

The whole estate is open for our guests to wander freely and, due to the organic nature of much of the farming, it is teaming with wildlife.  On an evening or early morning stroll one is likely to see deer, badgers, foxes, hares, snipe, woodcock, owls, birds of prey and even bunny rabbits – all whilst surrounded by the most beautiful trees and wild flowers.   It is a man-made paradise and also a productive source of food and we’d like to show you how it works.

Tours of the Estate

The people who work the estate and have produced the food we eat, will be on hand to chat and give guided tours.  Wander through the park with the deer keeper; sit on a trailer behind a tractor and have the farmer tell you what things are and how it is they grow; scratch and pet the prize winning English Long Horn Cattle and Norfolk Sheep; whilst local falconers will be on site with their magnificent birds of prey, showing people how they fly and hunt.